Cubase Expression Maps Collection

Expression maps are a great invention but most people shy away from typing in hundreds of names and figures to control their virtual orchestra. That’s why we’ve decided to release the most complete collection of Expression Maps in this galaxy …


Currently, you get 500 maps containing over 4500 expressions. And, we are constantly adding new libraries to our collection and supply updates which are free of charge to you.


The expression maps are all setup in the same way. You get used to one, you know them all. We use the same abbreviations and wording across the entire library. The expressions are listed in alphabetical order and the key switches follow the natural order within the instruments. This way you find the right expression fast and the most important ones are on the lower key switches. We've done everything to enable you to focus on your music instead of technicalities.


Every map comes in two variation: One is based on "directions" (the articulation latches), the other one on "attributes" (every note needs a discreet expression). You choose what's better for your working style.


Every expression is color coded: We use the same color for the most common articulations. You see a green expression and you know, that's legato. Independent of the library you're working with.


Spitfire Audio users have complete expression maps for both the old (BML Sable/Mural/Brass/Winds/Phalanx) and new instruments (Chamber Strings and Symphonic Stings/Brass/Woods). Also, all Spitfire expression maps control the instruments using a special standard which make exchanging melodies in between tracks extremely comfortable.


Download a free example and manual

Here's what you get:


8Dio Adagio

Audiobro Lass

Cinematic Strings 1 + 2

Cinematic Studio Strings

Embertone Chapman Trumpet + Tuba

Heavyocity Novo

Light And Sound Chamber Strings

Musical Sampling Adventure Brass

Musical Sampling Trailer Brass + Strings

Soundiron Brass Solo + Ensemble

NEW 2.1: Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings

NEW 2.1: Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass

NEW 2.1:Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds

NEW 2.1: Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arc 1 NEW 2.1: Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arc 2

NEW 2.1: Spitfire Bernhard Herrmann

Spitfire BML Brass + Winds + Woods

Spitfire Chamber Strings

Spitfire LCO Strings

Spitfire Masse

Spitfire Mural

Spitfire Phalanx

Spitfire Sable

Spitfire Sacconi Quartet

Spitfire Symphonic Brass + Strings + Woods

Subtones Emotional Cello

Steinberg Expression Maps Collection


Over 350 Expression Maps for pretty much all major orchestra libraries


49.90 Euro

25.99 Euro


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