Details, Tips and Tricks

  • Art Conductor is designed to work with one MIDI channel at a time. As a result, one MIDI channel per Kontakt/Sampler instance works best. With version 1.5 you can also stack multiple scripts to support more than one MIDI channel.
  • Instruments which allow you to enable more than one articulation in parallel might not work perfectly. The only instrument we know with that feature is Orchestral Tools Capsule and Project Sam.
  •  You may use automation and manual key switches at the same time but automation will not reflect the changes you make with "manual" key switches unless you record automation.

We've conducted compatibility tests with the following manufacturers and libraries: Audiobro LASS, Spitfire Mural/Sabre/BML Brass, 8dio Claire/Adagio, Vienna Symphony Library VSL, East West Hollywood series and Play, Cinesamples Cine Series/Hollywood Winds, Cinematic Strings 1+2, Vir2 Electri6ity/Acou6tics, Prominy SC among others.

Art Conductor Manual
Art Conductor Manual 1.6.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB