Switching Orchestra Articulations Redefined

From what we know, there are two popular ways of key switching instruments in Logic. Note based key switching works but gives you little overview of what’s going on. Using discreet tracks gives you better overview but results in gigantic track counts and your better overview is gone - well, again.
So, what if you could simply draw the articulations into the timeline?
Art Conductor is an addition to Logic X and it is super easy to customize - without knowledge of computer programming. In effect, it is designed to work with every virtual instrument featuring note-based or channel based articulation switching. On top, there are special versions for Spitfire, EastWest Play and VSL instruments.
The new Version 1.7 adds a plethora of presets. Those bring out-of-the-box support for the following sample libraries: 8dio Adagio, Soundiron Brass, Spitfire Phalanx Brass, Mural 3 and also Emotional Cello. With the existing presets for Spitfire Mural/Sable/BML Brass/BML Winds, Cinematic Strings 1+2 and Audiobro LASS, a total number of 225 presets are included. All you need to do is to dial them up and start working.


  • Works with virtually any instrument which uses note or channel based key switching
  • Special presets for VSL and EW Play instruments
  • Over 200 of ready-to-go settings for Spitfire Mural and Sable, LASS and Cinematic Strings, 8dio Adagio, Emotional Cello, Soundiron Brass, Spitfire Phalanx.
  • We've designed Art Conductor with musicians in mind. You can easily edit and customise it without knowing how to program code
  • Finally enables you to transpose parts without destroying key switches
  • Articulations can be renamed to make them consistent over all instruments
  • The script saves with the Logic project. No additional software installation is needed when you run the project on another Mac
  • You can keep using traditional key switches in parallel if required
  • Art Conductor scripts can be easily stacked within one instrument
  • All versions support TouchOSC UACC template. You can remote your instrument from a tablet
  • Very resource friendly (using many instances doesn't tax your Mac)

Art Conductor Bundle

A collection of scripts for Logic Pro X. This bundle includes the MIDI note + Spitfire + EastWest + VSL version.

18,99 €

Logic Pro Experts Review

"This software will be very helpful for users who want to see and edit their articulations at a glance" - Doug Zangar, Logic Pro Experts

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Samplelibraryreview.com Review

“Get this. You'll thank me.” - Don Bodin

5/5 Stars

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Logic Pro Experts Review

"This is one of the best tools I have come across for Logic Pro X. It’s a must for anyone who wants or needs to use keyswitches in an effective way within Logic." - Filmandgamecomposers.com

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